1000 reasons for the international women’s day

When I woke up this morning, it was alredy one o’clock pm in my homecountry Austria. So the internationalday women’s day was already ongoing. Honestly since I’m out of my political job, day like this one just show up. As I don’t have to produce giveaways, quotes, brands or campaigns, it happens, that it is suddenly international women’s day.

But even when I don’t plan this day anymore, I have my own thoughts about it which I wanna share with you today.


1000 reasons why we need the international women’s day

Okay, I cannot count all my reasons here and I’m sure wie all have a lot of the same, as also different reasons for it. Here are some of mine.

*)All to those who believe, that there is equality between men and women: I’m sorry, it is not like that. Ladies, in Austria for example we had to work until 27th february 2018 to earn the money what men already had at the 31st of december 2017. Is there anybody outside who really believes that women are less intelligent or more lazy than men?

*) There exists an incredible long list of brave, strong women which were or are fighting for women rights. Today we wanna honor these women, we wanna thank them and we wanna make sure, that we their activities will never be forgotten, and always honored and defended.

*) Today we wanna remind ourselves, that everyone of has the power and also the responsability to create a better world for herself, for her sisters, her friends and our all daughters.

*) Todays day suggests aus to think about which impacts our habits have to other women on this planet. How are your clothes produced? Which price does women have to pay for a 12-hour working day? Who do you help with donations? Who produced your electronic advices?

*) The international women’s day also reminds aus, to support each other, instead of bashing or ignoring. There is so much power, energy and courage in each of us. Let’s inspire, encourage and empower each other.


*) Feminism is such a great thing and can also deal with humor. Don’t let others tell you that feminists are frustrated women. It is the opposite: We are open minded, funny and motivated women. We can laugh until we cry, we can party until we drop, we can work until we fall asleep. We can shout out our opinion until we get heard.  AND we invite all you men to join us as feminists.

*) About the issues laughing, crying, shouting keeping silence. There are humans emotions and isn’t hysteria. To express emotions is a way of selflove and honesty and is not about getting uncontrolled, what we get sometimes told.

*) This brings me to the female hormons. Yes, we are surfing on waves of our hormons and it is sometimes amazing and sometimes exhausting. We change constantly without knowing what currently is going to happen. We discover ourselves in every stage of our circle, the circle of the moon and the seasons. We are deeply connected with the nature and it needs a lot of effort zu find out where we are acutally are in our solarsystem while we are keeping up our everyday life on planet earth. This is something special, this is life, this is our body and our temple. It is nothing we have to be ashamed of. But we invite all the people around us gently, to be part of it and to ask sometimes how we feel.


*) We are beautiful as we are and our body is perfect. (Your too, but today is women’s day.) Wie invite you, to let us constantly know. Dear men, dear women outside! Tell each other how beautiful and perfect, inspiring, motivating, honest, incredible and and and you are.

Believe me, something wonderful will come back.


Dear everybody outside on your laptops and cellphones. There are a lot of reasons, why we need the international women’s day. We have to have this day until all women on this planet have the same rights and equality with men. We have to have this day as long as women suffer under violence of men, as long as women in the global south are under pressure of the global north, as long as women get victims of female genital mutilation, as long as women suffer under poverty and educational disease, as long as women suffer under racism.

 This day is a reminder that we have to work together day by day for a better world!



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