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Our mission:

forget your everyday life


live the caribbean dream

What we offer

Workout in nature

It is our philosophy to train as often as possible outside and use everything that the caribbean nature offers us. We workout on the beach and also at other beautiful places which let your workout become unique.

Get out of your everyday life

Costa Rica is the perfect place to recover from your stressful everyday life. We offer you the posibility to detox from stress and overloads. Recharging, health and happiness is our motto. You will find you many inspiring things to discover. It is a special place with wonderful nature and culture.

Caribbean kitchen

You will find a varied program for body and mind which also includes food and the caribbean culture. We want to connect you with the delicious caribbean kitchen. So we take you out on some evenings to introduce you to our local restaurants.


We organize your whole tripe. You enjoy a full program of fitness and adventure. If you are a trainer and you wanna join with your own group we are pleased to workout out a program together with you.

Profesional support

Every class of our schedule is held by a profesional teacher. Depending on the group we workout together in a group or we offer personal classes. All our adventure tour are guided by a profesional tourist guide. We work together with a professional team.

Discover the nature of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its diversity of plants and animals. This wonderful little country owns 5% of world's biodiversity. You will meet daily exotic birds, sloths, monkey, turtles and more. You will walk in national parks and the jungle to discover what our nature offers us.

Sustainable travel

We use to protect our planet and our ressources in our every day life and we please you to also do that during your stay in Costa Rica. Please avoid plastic, garbage and chemicals so far as possible.


Support around the clock

We are always by your side. During your whole trip we are here, doing the whole program together with you and support you in anyways. This place is our home and we offer you all we know about it.

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Travel information

Wohnen und Kulinarik

  • Accomodation & food
  • living close to the wonderful caribbean beach
  • 9 nigths in a wonderful two- or three-bed-bungalow
  • 9 delicious breakfasts in the restaurant of the hotel
  • 4 healthy diners in the restaurant of the hotel
  • 4 caribbean diners in some of our local restauratns
  • caribbean barbecue on the beach
  • Healthy welcome Drink
  • Daily healthy lunch to go
  • Closingparty
  • Spa

Workouts and sports

  • Functional workout
  • Mobilisation and stretching
  • High intensity interval training
  • Bootcamp
  • Bodyweight training
  • Stability training
  • Endurance training
  • Sunrise meditation
  • Sensomotoric training
  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Beachvolleyball
  • Caribbean Danceclasse
  • Trailrund
  • Personaltraining
  • Fitnesscoachings


  • Nationalparc tour
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Standup paddeling
  • Chocolatetour
  • Visit the indian community
  • Hiking in the jungle
  • Waterfallhike
  • Horseriding along the beach
  • Birdwatching
  • Biketours
  • Salsadancing
  • Ziplining
  • Visit Jaguar Rescue Center
  • and more



Warner is born in Puerto Viejo and has a lot of experience in as a tourist guide. He collected his experience during the many tours he guided as well in his free time. Since he is a child he is discovering the jungle, the coast and the water of the caribbean side. Watching the breathtaking biodiversity of Costa Rica is one of his passions. He is educated in tour guiding and birdwatching and shares his knowledge with pleasure.

This sportive passions are football, yoga, surfing and dancing. In his youth he represented the panamenian province Bocas del Torro semiprofessional. Until today he takes every possibility to play on the beach or on the soccer field. He finds his balance in his own yoga practice and his classes as well. He is a certified yogateacher (RYS, 200hrs).


After years of officework in Vienna (Austria) Dani quitted her job and moved to the caribbean side. She made her hobby of sport and movement to her job.

She discovered Puerto Viejo, this wonderful place, during traveling in Costa Rica. Hooked by the caribbean lifestyle she came back, made her Yogateachertraining here and decided to stay.

She is certified as Fitness-, Personal- and Aerobictrainer, as well as Yogateacher (RYS, 200hrs). She built up her own company, worked together with other enterprises to create a healthy lifestyle and work-life-balance for employees. She coaches her private clients as a onlinefitnesstrainer by app. She created her passion for movement and sport as a child when she started with gymnastics.

She loves reading and writing. That is why she publishes constantly on her blog trainerella and for other blogs or onlineplattforms as well. Dani is grateful to wake up every morning between the caribbean sea and the jungle around exotic animals and beautiful plants.







Travel information

example day I

7.00: Workout on the beach

8.30: Breakfast

10.30: Shuttle to waterfallhike
-swimming at the waterfall
-making some incredible pics

3.30: back at hotel

4.30: Yoga until sunset

7:00 diner in a local restaurant

example day II

7.00: running at the beach

8.30: breakfast

11.30: shuttle to the nationalpark Cahuita

-tour in the national park

-watching monkeys, sloths, birds, rancoons and more

-explore beautiful divers plants

-swimming, snorkeling, relaxing

3.00: workout on the beach of the nationalpark

5.00: back at hotel

5.30 mobilisation and stretching

7.00 diner

example day III

7.00: Yoga

8.30: Breakfast

10.30: biketour to the beach

surfing, volleyball, snorkeling, standup paddeling, kayaking

2.30: stability workout on the beach

3.30: Relaxing

5.30: easy sunsetrun along the beach

7.30: diner

service included
  • Shuttle from and to the airport
  • 9 nights
  • daily breakfast
  • 4 diner
  • barbecue at the beachvolleyball
  • healthy welcome cocktail
  • daily up to three workouts
  • Tour in the nationalparc
  • Waterfallhiking in Bribri
  • Visiting the wonderful bay of Punta Uva
  • Hiking in the refugium Gandoca – Manzanillo along the coast
  • daily healthy lunch
  • Bikerent
  • Tour to the indian community of talamanca incl. Chocolatetour
  • closingevent
arrival and departure

You organise your trip to Costa Rica, we pick you up from the airport and bring you by shuttle to Puerto Viejo. The ride takes about 4 hours.

Your destination airport San José – Juan Santa Maria (Costa Rica).


Our wonderful little town Puerto Viejo is locatet at the south caribbean coast of Costa Rica, close to the boarder to Panama. Puerto Viejo is an ancient fishertown („Old harbour“) with a nice caribbean atmosphere and breathtaking nature. You find our town between the caribbean sea and jungle of Talamanca presenting the wonderful biodiversity of Costa Rica.

Rooms & Prices


The beautiful bungalow hotel is the right place to leave your everyday life behind you. Rustic and lovely arranged has the hotel a calm, natural atmosphere. It is locatet close to the beach and has the jungle behind. This offers you the wonderful natural call from monkeys and birds every morning. You reacht the center of town in about five minutes by bike. The hotel has also Spa. Enjoy your time here!

PURA VIDA Fitnessretreat
1.649 €
fitness and adventure program, two-bed-bungalow

500 € Deposit

PURA VIDA Fitnessretreat
1.499 €
fitness und adventure program, three-bed-bungalow

500 € Deposit

Travel dates


Booking for you

Book your fitnessretreat and sign up for one of our travel dates. We warmly welcome you all the other members of the group. A time of new friendships and collecting moments with new friends is coming up.

Group booking

You want to join with your training group?! If you are minimum 8 people we offer you an individual date. We are also more than open to create an individual program together with you for your group. Reach ou, let us know what you are looking for. We offer a discount of 20% for Trainer with a group of 9 people (9+1 Trainer).

Support the community

We want to take our groups out to some well chosen local restaurants. We want to connect you with our town, the caribbean culture. Furthermore we want to support our community here in town.

*not included in the price

more about Costa Rica

Find some more impressions of Costa Rica here:

Costa Rica Cool

Puerto Viejo von oben


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can book this trip?
  • Everybody! Join our group when you are looking for active holiday with wonderful adventures during your workouts and in your leisure time.
  • Fitness and Personaltrainer who want to create a new way of workout atmosphere and build up the connection of the group.
  • Fitnessclubs wich want to bring their offers to a new level.
  • Everybody who want to trainer here with friends, clients or partners.
How do I have to prepare myself for the retreat?

Please contact your doctor to make a health check and to check your immunizations. You need a travel insurance for Costa Rica. Before your trips starts we will send you a travel list.

Which equipment is necessary?

Clothes for sport, swimming, hiking, rain and for diner.

Shoes for running, slipper and shoes for little hikes.

Backpack for dailytrips, refilling bottle and suncreme.

Moskitospray: We recommand to buy your moskitospray here. You find the perfect sprays here in Biomarkets or super markets. We use natural sprays.

If you want us to order some for you, please let us know.

You can buy almost everything of your daily life here in Puerteo Viejo. If you prefere natural products for you skin and your hair you find some nice places here were you get natural cosmetic products.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we offer a 20% discount for trainer which come with their group of nine people or more.

Do you offer individual travel dates?

Yes we do offer individual travel dates for groups of 8 persons and more.


Costa Rica is close to the equator and has no seasons. The weather is the whole year similar with degrees between 25 to 30. the caribbean coast is humid. Costa Rica does not have a special raining time. It rains mostly a lot during the night, what makes the nature here so beautiful.

We have 12 hour of daylight from 6am to 6pm.

Currency and langugae

You can pay everywhere with US Dollar and Costa Rican Colonnes. We have to banks and three ATMs here.

The official language of Costa Rica is spanish but a lot of people speaks english, especially along the caribbean coast.

Medical service

You find a clinic here in town, the next hospital is 8 kilometers far.


You can drink water from the pump but you also find enough supermarkets where you can buy water.


The most common meal is rice and beans. In Puerto Viejo you also get a lot of fresh fish. Furthermore you find many options for vegetarian and vegans.

Do you have more questions? Write us