muscle ache: what to do

Everybodys know this kind of ache the day after an intense training. Every little movement sets a reminder to your workout. Honestly it feels quite nice, because you know why you have it and what you did for your body. It is this special moment, when you can not even get up of the toilet ūüôā

Even when it is a nice reminder, you wanna let it go as sonn as possible.

How do you get muscle ache?

Science does not have a 100 percent proof, what is happening inside of our cells to get a muscle ache. You can be sure, that you get it after movements which you do rarely or after a long break. Also when you stress your body by high-endurance sports.

So you destroy your weak muscle fibers and just the strong ones stay, what also means that your body gets stronger.

How to train your body while muscle ache

While regeneration (7-14 days) you are protected of another muscle ache because of the rebuilding process. Nevertheless it makes sense to start treating your muscles gently at the next training.

What to do

  • gently treatment of your muscles, start soft and increase slowly
  • make sure that you get enough nutritions which your body needs for rebuilding the cells
  • use the blackroll or something similar to treat your muscles gently
  • start with soft movements
  • make sure that you drink enough
  • make soft mobilisation exercises
  • use a creme of chilli or something similar (this isn’t a therapy but a warming creame feels realxing on your muscles)

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