Long-distance-flight with my dog

This blogpost is about another issue than usually. But I got a lot of questions about it, which I want to answer now.


We went from Vienna, Europe to San José, Costa Rica. The first flight was 2h20 from Vienna to Paris, 2h30 transfertime, the next flight was from Paris to San José, 11h20.

Traveltime: 16h10

Grisu is a Havanese with seven years old. He has 7kg, so he was allowed to stay in the cabin.

I know, at the first sight, it sounds horrible, but it wasn’t actually. I was quite nervous, because I didn’t know how he would deal with it. But he was just awesome! <3

Why did I take him to Costa Rica?
I’m not here just for a few vacation time. That is the reason why I took him with me. If I would just stay for 2 weeks vacation, I would have not taken him with me.

How got we prepared for the flight?
He get liquid pills for calming down for about one week, daily 1ml.

In which box did we transport him? 
I bought a softbox in the size the airline told me. Actually it’s a backpack for dogs. Usually I don’t care my dog like this, but it was great especially in quite hectic situations. So he had a good overview and was close to me.

Ho often could he pee?
I took him out before we left Vienna. In Paris was no possibility to go out, so he had to pee on the floor. He did not feel comfortable, but he did it. I swiped everything away. In San José it has to happen again because it took us too long time to get out of the airport. But the airport stuff was very nice, so we had no problems. As soon as possible we walked in parc.
A Lady at the security check in  Vienna told us, that they are going to build a dog zone on the airports like in USA.

How often did he drink and eat?
The day of the flight I didn’t give him food in the morning. During the flight he get a little bit in between. When we reached the hotel he get his food. For water I had a little bowl which you can fold with me, so I could give him always water.

Has he been very nervous?
He was always nervous when he felt, that I am nervous. During the flight he was relaxed. He was sleeping in his box. Actually he likes flying more than going by car.

Did he have to stay in his box during the flight?
Yes, he had to. They were very strict at the first flight, at the second not. I just opened the box a little bit, so that I could put my foot in it.

Summarized: The flight was a trial for him as it is for humans. But as I said, it was easier for him than going by car, because there’s so much movement. I would not do this with him just for short vacations, but for a longer stay it was alright for him.

If you have any further questions, message me!

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